7 Reasons to Love Dubai’s Winter Weather

Why people go to Dubai in December?

Dubai in December is a hive of activity, with everything from shopping festivals offering unbeatable discounts to exclusive New Year’s Eve Gala Dinners and parties. And with great weather and special offers, visiting the city over the winter months gets even better.

7 Reasons to Love Dubai’s Winter Weather

While it’s easier to find winter sun destinations that offer up those year-round sunny days, Dubai is an exception. Despite being located in the desert, Dubai’s winter temperatures remain far more moderate than its summer temperatures. Historically, winters in Dubai haven’t been known to be bleak, cold or dreary, in fact quite the opposite.

1. Brighter Days & Sharper Sunsets

One of the main reasons that make Dubai’s winter weather so special is the sun. Bright days are what make the most of this city and its sunny winters. Contrary to popular belief, Dubai isn’t sunny year-round, the sunniest months tend to be from October to March. The sunsets in winter are truly spectacular, make sure to catch them from the best viewpoint in the city.

2. Illuminations Around Town

Light shows in winter also make Dubai feel quite magical, there are many illuminations for people to enjoy across the city. Most areas are lit up with light show displays, providing an even cozier atmosphere for those nighttime strolls.

3. Chilly Nights

While sunny days are the norm in Dubai, winter nights can be quite chilly. Temperatures can drop to a comfortable 18 or 19 degrees Celsius or slightly lower, depending on the area. This makes it a perfect climate to sleep in and enjoy the winter nights.

4. Perfect Outdoor Activities

Dubai Weather in winter is also a great time to explore the outdoors, partake in some hobbies and sports, or even just visit a theme park. The weather will be ideal to enjoy any outdoor activities, whether it is indoors, on the beach or at a park.

5. Activities and Events

It’s also a good time to check out the local festivals and events. Since the temperatures are mild, people can take advantage of the winter weather to experience the city’s famous cultural events, outdoor restaurants, and lively malls.

6. Summer Clothing All Year Round

Winter can also be a great time of the year to wear summery and lighter clothing. During the winter months, you can get away with wearing shorts, t-shirts and lighter clothing without having to worry about the scorching heat of summer.

7. A Winter Getaway

Finally, if you’re looking for a winter escape destination, Dubai is the perfect place. With its mild temperatures and plenty of activities, it may be the perfect spot for some winter sun.

In conclusion, while Dubai winters don’t bring much precipitation, they offer some mild temperatures, great outdoor activities and events as well as some excellent clothing choices. It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable winter weather destinations in the UAE.

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