A Breezy Welcome to Dubai: June Weather Outlook

1. What is the expected temperature for the month of June in Dubai?

A Breezy Welcome to Dubai: June Weather Outlook

The United Arab Emirates is a destination of incredible natural beauty, and Dubai is no exception. With June right around the corner, here is a look at what you can expect from the weather and climate in Dubai for the upcoming month.


June is easily one of the hottest months in Dubai with temperatures climbing up to the mid-30’sC (over 90F), even with the occasional morning spray of rain. The evening temperatures aren’t much warmer, hovering between the 27-30C (80-90F).


Rainfall is expected in Dubai throughout the months of June, splitting the days into those of sunshine, and those of cooling showers. While there isn’t an exact date for precipitation, most rains occur over the weekend, providing much-needed relief from the oppressive summer heat.


Humidity in Dubai during the summer months is extremely high, as is often the case in deserts. Most days will see the air moisture level increased to uncomfortable levels, with some rain providing a welcome reprieve from the constant stickiness.

What to Wear?

The heat can be overwhelming in Dubai during the summer months, so planning an appropriate wardrobe is key. But, in keeping with the tradition of desert couture, light and airy fabrics are the way to go. Cotton garments and plenty of accessories, such as hats and sunglasses, can make the summer months somewhat bearable.

In conclusion, a trip to Dubai in June will be both beautiful and hot – requiring visitors to take extra precautions to beat the summer heat. With temperatures rising and occasional showers to provide a refreshing break, June in Dubai is definitely the perfect time to visit!

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