A Picturesque Day in Dubai: Enjoying Sunshine and Cool Breezes

1. What sites can one visit in Dubai to experience picturesque scenery?

A Picturesque Day in Dubai: Enjoying Sunshine and Cool Breezes

Dubai is a bustling city filled with plenty of activities, shopping centers, and landmarks. But apart from its glamorous offerings, people visit Dubai to enjoy the city’s pleasant climate and witness the beautiful scenery that it offers. While the summer months may be scorching in some parts of the Emirates, cooler temperatures and refreshes breees are experienced all throughout, making it possible for you to have a truly enjoyable and memorable day trip in Dubai.

Exploring Dubai’s Temperatures Throughout The Year

The United Arab Emirates is home to a tropical desert climate characterized by really hot, sunny days during the summer months – from May to September. Because of this, it is important to stay indoors as much as possible during the highest temperatures of the day, generally between 11am and 4pm.

The cooler months, from October all the way to April, are the perfect time to experience the city. The pleasant temperature and humidity that are experienced during this period of the year is the perfect backdrop for your day’s adventures.

Start Your Day In The Arabian Gulf

Start your day by taking a little time to cool off with a dip in the Arabian Gulf! The waters here reflect the beautiful sky, both recreated and illuminated by the city’s iconic architecture. Whether it be from the beach, or from sheets and sheets of luxury yachts and boats, you’ll be able to enjoy the cool and comfortable breeze that’ll hit your face any time you set sail.

Marvel at The Breathtakingly High Temperature of The Desert Sands

Next, take a drive down to the Arabian Desert and marvel at the unbelievably high temperatures of the desert sands. While a challenge to the human body, the hot desert sand can be quite a spectacle to behold, a picturesque display of reds and golds that can be seen for miles and miles on end. As you drive around the desert you’ll be able to soak in the magnificent landscape and spot some camels, or even have a go at sandboarding!

A Stroll Down to The Palm Islands

Last of all, cool down with a walk along The Palm Islands or The Dubai Marina. Enjoy the cool breeze of the Arabian Gulf as you meander along the various paths and pathways lined with lush foliage and luxury yachts. Watch from the sidelines or try your hand at fishing, sailing or simply marveling at the beauty of the man-made wonders scattered about the islands.

Head home for the night feeling refreshed and enlightened after experiencing the unique climate and sights of Dubai in a picturesque day.

Benefits of Travelling To Dubai During In the Cooler Months

  • Dip in the Arabian Gulf
  • Marvel at the hot desert sands
  • Take a walk along The Palm Islands or The Dubai Marina
  • Cool and comfortable breezes
  • A picturesque display of reds and golds
  • Spot camels, have a go at sandboarding
  • Luxury yachts and boats for sightseeing
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