Cool Breezes, Blue Skies: Exploring Dubai’s Weather

1. What long-term climactic trends have been observed in Dubai’s weather?

Cool Breezes, Blue Skies: Exploring Dubai’s Weather

Dubai is known as the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and its location guarantees a warm and humid climate throughout the year. Despite its hot and arid climate, however, visitors come to enjoy the region’s fantastic weather and lifestyle possibilities. To get the most out of your experience of this Middle Eastern city, it’s important to understand the often-dynamic weather Dubai has to offer.

A Brief Look at Dubai’s Climate

Dubai has a hot desert climate with average summer temperatures reaching 109°F (43°C) and winter temperatures staying high at an average 70°F (21°C). Year-round, afternoon temperatures reach at least 95°F (35°C), making this one of the hottest cities in the world. Thankfully, the Gulf provides a nearby cooling effect from its waters and so the horizon of Dubai’s skyline is often punctuated by cool sea breezes.

Walking Through Dubai Seasons

The months of December to May are very pleasant in terms of temperature and humidity. Summer months, between June to September—a period often referred to as the ‘Summer of Silence’—are dry and extremely hot. Generally, the months of October and November are mild and humid. However, these milder temperatures sometimes fall sharply during this period to create an interesting desert climate.

Keep Weather Conditions in Mind

The climate becomes more extreme during sand storms or dust storms, when high winds and humidity present the possibility of flooding and traffic disruption. Dubai is also susceptible to periodic rainstorms and flash flooding which often cause disruption to the area’s notoriously busy roads. During the summer months, hot, humid air is often broken up by stronger winds and strong gusts of winds in the passes between Dubai’s towns and cities.

Embrace the Chill and Head Outdoors

Despite the intense heat of Dubai, there is always something to do! In winter months, the higher winds and cooler temperatures create the perfect environment for outdoor activities like beach volleyball and surfing. Similarly, in the summer months, the city’s amazing parks provide a cool and lush environment. The weather may be changeable and at times extreme, but the city provides plenty of opportunities to explore and experience with your friends and family.

Enjoy the Best of Dubai Weather

When visiting this fascinating city, be sure to keep an eye on the constantly changing weather, and let it enhance your exploration and discovery! And let the cool breezes and blue skies inspire you to punch the limits of what you can do, and enjoy the best of the warm and sunny Dubai weather.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to make the most of your visit to Dubai!

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