Discover the Best Weather in Dubai: A Look at Average Temperatures and Precipitation

4. How does the effect of the Gulf Stream impact Dubai’s climate?

Discover the Best Weather in Dubai: A Look at Average Temperatures and Precipitation

The United Arab Emirates region offers tourists and residents alike some of the best year-round weather in the world. Located in the eastern part of the Arabian peninsula, Dubai enjoys hot temperatures, plenty of sunshine and minimal precipitation. But the weather varies across the region: some areas experience higher temperatures and precipitation than others.

Average Temperatures

Dubai has hot summers and mild winters, with average summer temperatures from April to October ranging from 33 to 43°C (91 to 109°F). In the winter season, from November to March, temperatures range from 10 to 25°C (50 to 77°F).

Outside of Dubai, the temperature varies somewhat. Abu Dhabi in the south and Dibba in the north have slightly cooler temperatures than Dubai. Abu Dhabi averages from 15 to 32°C (59 to 91°F) in the winter and from 25 to 44°C (77 to 111°F) in the summer. In Dibba, temperatures average from 11 to 27°C (53 to 82°F) in the cool winter months and from 26 to 39°C (80 to 102°F) in the hot summer months.


Rain in Dubai and the surrounding area generally occurs in the winter months, with most falling between December to March. Rainfall is usually light, with cumulative totals averaging between 2 and 4 inches annually. Although the hottest parts of the region may endure weeks without any precipitation, the northern Emirates like Dibba may have moderate showers every now and then – around 10 days of rainfall per season.


Whether you’re planning for a holiday in Dubai or looking for a place to live, the best weather in the United Arab Emirates can be found in Dubai and its surroundings. Visitors should expect hot and sunny weather in most parts of the year, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 45°C (50 to 113°F). Precipitation is usually light and falls mostly in the winter months.

No matter the season, Dubai has plenty of sunshine to go around – making it a great location for skiing, swimming and sightseeing. With beachfront resorts, activities for all ages and one-of-a-kind shopping experiences, Dubai is sure to please everyone.

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