Dubai’s High Temperatures: The Heat Is On!

3. What methods are being implemented to mitigate the effects of extreme heat in Dubai?

Dubai’s High Temperatures: The Heat Is On!

Consistently home to some of the highest temperatures in the world, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has become a world-famous destination for its high heat and desert scenery. While the desert temperatures traditionally been even higher, the city of Dubai has still become notorious for its record temperatures over the years. So, just how hot does it get in Dubai? Let’s explore the heat behind this desert city!

The Highest Ever Recorded Temperatures

On July 31, 2020, Dubai recorded its hottest day in its history with a staggering high temperature of 122.4 Degrees Fahrenheit (50.2 Degrees Celsius). This record high was very close to the UAE’s all-time record high of 129.2 Degrees Fahrenheit (54 Degrees Celsius), which was set in 2011 in Deim al-Shah. Not only has Dubai achieved some of the highest temperatures in the world, it has continued to retain one of the hottest climates even among the desert-covered countries in the region.

Summer Temperatures

In the summer months, tourists and locals alike are subject to some of the most relentless heat in the entire world. Tourists may assume that the afternoons will be the hottest parts of the day, but in Dubai the night time temperatures can often be just as hot. The humidity of the region also makes the heat more extreme and sweltering, with temperatures often staying very close to the region’s record-breaking highs.

Year-round Temperatures

Even though the heat of Dubai can feel extreme in the summer, temperatures in Dubai tend to remain very high throughout the year, making it a year-round hot spot. In the winter months temperatures can still reach up to 87 Degrees Fahrenheit (around 31 Degrees Celsius). Most days will still be extremely hot, even in the winter months.

How to Stay Cool in the Heat

Despite the consistently high temperatures, there are still many ways to beat the heat. Residing in air-conditioned residences and staying away from midday heat are both great strategies for avoiding direct heat and should keep you feeling comfortable throughout your stay!

Sunscreen and Hydration

Whenever you are exposed to direct sunlight in Dubai, it is always important to wear sunscreen and hydrate yourself with plenty of water or natural juices, as the heat of Dubai can be very draining. Make sure to stay aware of the temperature and pace yourself while outdoors to avoid feeling exhausted.

A Known Hot Spot

Dubai is one of the hottest destinations in the world, and its residence and guests definitely need to be prepared before visiting. Above all, the high temperatures of the city make sure never to disappoint while its extraordinary cityscape, stunning cultures and mesmerizing architecture ensure that the heat is always worth it!

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