Emirates Skies: A Look at Dubai’s Weather this Season

1. How has the weather in Dubai this season affected Emirates Skies’ operations?

Emirates Skies: A Look at Dubai’s Weather this Season

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are full of stunning views and sprawling cities. From its golden beaches to its towering desert peaks, the beauty of the Emirates is truly encapsulated in its weather and climates. With a diverse range of weather patterns, the Emirates sees all kinds of climate conditions, making it a great destination to visit this season. Let’s take a closer look at what the skies of the Emirates have in store!

The Temperature

In Dubai and the UAE, the climate is typically hot, dry, and sunny throughout the year. The temperatures vary depending on the season, but can reach up to 40°C (104°F) during the summer months which span from May to August. Winter temperatures are much milder, ranging from 15-25°C (59-77°F).

Rainy Days

Rainfall is relatively uncommon in the Emirates, but during the winter months between December and March you could expect to experience some showers. Rainfall in these areas is generally light but it can become quite heavy at times during the cooler months.

Winds & Dust Storms

The Emirates see strong winds and occasional dust storms throughout the year. The wind is predominantly from the north and northeast, and can be quite strong during the summer months. Dust storms are rare but can occur when the wind shifts in the summer months, bringing with it dust from the desert and surrounding areas.

Best Season to Visit

If you’re looking to visit the Emirates this season, spring and autumn are the best times of year to visit. The temperatures are generally milder at these times and rainfall is minimal. Plus, the days are still filled with plenty of sunshine to enjoy!

What to Pack

No matter what season you are visiting, packing some versatile items will come in handy. The casual dress code in the Emirates means that light clothing made of natural fabrics (such as cotton and linen) will be your best bet. Make sure to also include some hats and sunglasses to keep you protected from the sun, as well as a light raincoat if you’re visiting during the winter months.

The Emirates can be a great destination to visit this season if you’re prepared for its unique weather conditions. With its hot temperatures and occasional dust storms, it can be a breathtaking experience and one you won’t quickly forget. So why not pack your bags and head to the Emirates this season?

Happy travels!

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