Enjoy Breezy Beach Days in Dubai: Current Weather Conditions

What is the rainiest month in Dubai?

February is the wettest month in Dubai with an average of 35 mm (1.4 in) of rain.

Enjoy Breezy Beach Days in Dubai: Current Weather Conditions

Dubai is situated in the United Arab Emirates, known for its hot and humid weather conditions year-round. However, there are plenty of days during the year that provide for excellent beach-going weather, making it the perfect spot for outdoor activities and outdoor fun. Here are some of the perks of enjoying the city’s breezy beach days in Dubai:

Ideal Temperature

During the summer months, temperatures in Dubai reach unbearable highs ranging from 95-110 degree Fahrenheit. That is why beach-goers love the cooler months of November to February, when temperatures soar to as low as 70 degrees. During this season, the sun is cool enough to take full advantage of the activity-filled options at the beach without feeling that it’s too hot to move.

Favourable Winds

The winds in Dubai during the cooler months blow at a mild 20-25 kilometers per hour, making some activities such as kitesurfing and sailing possible. The breeze from these winds is also welcomed before and after a swim, as it helps with air circulation and heat relief.

Ideal Time for Water Sports

The cooler temperature and the mild-blowing winds make Dubai a great spot for different water sports. If you’re looking to enjoy activities such as jet-skiing and waterskiing, then the cooler months are ideal to do so as the sea is also much calmer during this time. With the right activewear, you’ll be able to stay firmly in place and make the most of the experience.

Enjoying the Sunset

Dubai offers stunning sunsets throughout the year, but the cooler months are the best times for a beachside view. During this time, you’ll get to experience the beauty of the sun setting in shades of pink, orange, and yellow. It’s a great way to end a fun beach day with your friends and family.

Overall, the cooler months are definitely the best time of the year to visit the beach and make the most of excellent beach days in Dubai. With ideal temperatures and favourable winds, you’ll get to enjoy a wide range of activities while taking in all the beauty the city has to offer. There’s no better way to relax and enjoy the scenery than spending a few hours out in the sun!

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