Enjoy Sweater Weather in Dubai: How to Beat the Cooler Temperatures

What special precautions, if any, do visitors need to take to cope with the cooler temperatures?

Dubai, situated in the United Arab Emirates enjoys a warm, sunny climate all year round meaning that that time of year when you have to dig out the sweaters and coats for the cold weather is unrecognised. August is typically the coolest month in the UAE and some locals may be seen trading shorts and t-shirts for more suitable attire – sweaters, jeans and jumpers. It can be a difficult transition for those who are used to year-round beach days and a sun that rarely sets.

Average Temperatures in August

The average temperature in August in Dubai is usually around 32℃ /90℉ with a high of 39℃ /102℉ and lows of 26℃ /79℉. August usually has a few days of rain but the wettest months are usually November, December and January.

Beat the Cooler Weather

For locals, it can be hard to transact to cooler weather from one that’s almost molten but with a few simple strategies, it’s easy to beat the cooler months.

1. Layer Your Clothes: One of the best ways to adapt to the cooler weather is to layer clothes. Investing in some of the high-tech fabrics such as wool, polartec and merino wool can make a huge difference to how much heat you retain in cooler weather.

2. Use Indoor Heating: Many homes and offices in Dubai now use air conditioning, gas heaters and even electric blankets to ensure that the warm temperature is maintained indoor. Taking advantage of some of the heating at home and in the office can make all the difference during the cooler Dubai days.

3. Avoid Going Out Late: The days are usually still very warm in Dubai during August but the nights can be significantly cooler. Avoiding going out late in the evenings will drastically reduce your chances of feeling cold.

4. Drink Hot Drinks: Taking advantage of the cooler temperatures is still possible! Hot drinks such as coffees, teas and hot chocolates can easily warm you up and make the cooler months slightly more bearable.

August can be a difficult time adjusting to the cooler months, however, with a few strategies, it’s easy to weather the cooler temperatures in Dubai. So, put on your sweater and take advantage of the cooler months in the UAE!

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