Enjoying Sunny Days in Dubai: Tips For Making the Most Out of the City’s Outstanding Weather

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is renowned for its sun-kissed weather and beaches, with Dubai at its epicenter. The city is recognized worldwide for its crystal clear waters, captivating sands, and stunning sunsets, making it one of the greatest spots to experience your dream sunny holiday. The weather in Dubai enjoys more than 300 clear days per year, making it the perfect paradise for beach-goers and outdoor adventurers.

Make The Most Out Of Dubai’s Weather With Our Essential Tips

  • Plan before packing: Be sure to check the meteorological forecast before planning your trip and while packing. Knowing when to expect the hottest days of the year, the floods and the highs and lows of the temperature can support you in selecting the best suitable clothes, averting potential emergencies.
  • Solar protection is a must: The UAE sun is fiercer than other areas in the region, so remember to stock up on sunscreen and protective hats/clothing as well as religious beachwear for ladies. Likewise, it’s important to keep hydrated, as the heat can be deceiving.
  • Choose your activities wisely: Rather than attempting intense outdoor exercises in the heat of the day, opt for early morning or late evening walks. These times have the advantage of mild weather while enjoying the beautiful scenery.
  • Check the swimming and surfing restrictions: The UAE is home to some of the most iconic beaches in the region which offer safe swimming and surfing facilities. But make sure that your local beach is monitored before swimming or surfing to avoid strong currents or zero access.
  • Venturing beyond the beach: If you are not in the mood for the beach and still want to enjoy the warmth, there are still more outdoor activities to do. Take a hot-air balloon ride for some breathtaking views of the city. From high above, you can really appreciate the vast beauty of the UAE.

Dubai’s outstanding weather is truly a delight to experience. Whether you’re cruising through the sand dunes in the desert, spending a day at the beach or simply taking in the skyline from your room balcony; make sure your vacation here is both safe and enjoyable by following these few tips. Now that you’re ready to take on the extraordinary weather in Dubai, all that is left is to book your trip and get up close and personal with the UAE’s renowned sun.

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