Experience the Best of Dubai’s Weather in 2021!

2. What precautions should be taken when experiencing Dubai’s warm weather?

Experience the Best of Dubai’s Weather in 2021!

Are you wondering what to expect in terms of the weather in Dubai for 2021? Read on to discover everything you need to know about the climate in this United Arab Emirate city.

Winter in Dubai

From mid-December to mid-March, it is winter in Dubai. Temperatures range from 17°C to 21°C during this time. While January and February tend to be cooler months, warmer clothing is needed, due to the humidity. You don’t need to pack a scarf and gloves, however!

Spring in Dubai

From late March to May, temperatures slowly begin to rise again and you can expect to experience:

  • High temperatures of around 29°C
  • Low humidity
  • The odd short shower

Summer in Dubai

From mid-May to mid-September, you can expect scorching temperatures with highs of around 42°C and humidity at an all-time high. This is the ideal season to take advantage of the city’s air-conditioned malls and become an expert shopper instead of melting into a tiny puddle in the sunshine!

Autumn in Dubai

From late-September to mid-December, temperatures are mild and very pleasant, ranging from a high of 35°C to a low of 20°C. If you’re looking for the ideal time of year to explore outdoor attractions, such as sandboarding, this is it.

So, what’s the weather like in 2021?

The United Arab Emirates Meteorological Department has reported that temperatures in 2021 will be much hotter than usual, with even greater levels of humidity. Rainfall is unlikely to occur in the hotter months, however, the cooler months may experience some rainfall.

No matter when you choose to visit Dubai in 2021, you will still be able to experience the vibrant atmosphere, incredible architecture and those breathtaking sunsets that this city is renowned for. So, start packing!

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