Exploring Ajman’s Rich History

Discover the heritage of Ajman and its fascinating past through the age-old forts, castles and other monuments scattered throughout the city.

Unfolding the Timeworn Story of Ajman

Ajman has been a steadfastly enriched presence in the historically and geographically complex region of the Arabian Gulf for centuries. This remarkable and inviting city with its sun-soaked seagull shores bears testimony to a long and blossoming history of culture, cultivation and prosperity. Its evolution over the past few centuries has seen trade, maritime expansion, prosperity and urban evolution. Traditional and contemporary life in Ajman stimulates a fruitful memory of dynamic exchanges as well as a great admiration for the lasting legacy that it has fostered. From its pearl trading legacy, its dynamic role in the maritime industry, and its openness to global travel and trade, Ajman has much to offer. Business is a natural activity here, as evidenced by the many merchant agencies, shops, and commercial centres located in the emirate. Further, traditional allure such as the Ajman Museum, Souq Al Mubarakiya, and the Ajman Frame help tune travelers into the region’s bygone eras. Transportation is also an inherent theme to Ajman’s success, evidenced by the captivating Ajman Corniche which has served as an extraordinary gateway between the city and sea for centuries. Both passenger ships and cargo vessels have traversed across the Arabian Gulf for centuries and it is this rich maritime heritage-which can be discovered in Ajman-that reveals the true essence of this part of the world.

Uncovering the Enduring Legacies of Ajman’s Heritage

While much of Ajman’s physical environments have undergone transformation over its long and rich history, the tremendous natural resources found throughout the Emirate remain largely untouched. Head to the miles of mangrove swamps, estuaries, sandy shores, freshwater lagoons and coral reefs that form an enchanting and very much untamed landscape. Beyond its wildlife, Ajman is a place of great monuments and revered histories. The cultural tour of Al Khor is an exceptional gateway to delve into the region’s endless heritage, where archaelogical sites dating back to the fifth millennium BC can be uncovered. Some of the most interesting ruins include the Careenage (boat building district) which can be found along the Ajman Creek, and the winding path leading up to the imposing Ajman Fort. An array of forts, towers and archaeological sites dot the landscape where many of them have been preserved and restored to their former glory. This ancient history is still very much alive today as historical practices are kept alive and proudly embodied through traditional customs. Handicrafts, pottery and embroidery are just some of the traditional arts still being practised. Similarly, the city of Ajman is adorned with intricately decorated pieces of traditional architecture and textiles.


For those looking to dig into the past of Ajman, a journey into its timeless stories is essential. An unbridled past fused with the modernity of today wraps visitors in warm Arabian mystery. Its seaside landscapes, diverse wildlife, archaic ruins, colourful markets and flourishing culture comes alive in the city of Ajman. In Ajman, you can be assured of a captivating blend of culture, history, and enchantment.

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