Feel the Heat! 2020 Summer Weather in Dubai

3. Are there significant seasonal variations in rainfall during the summer months in Dubai?

Feel the Heat! 2020 Summer Weather in Dubai

If you’re planning to visit Dubai this summer, you must be prepared for the extreme heat that this city has to offer! Even though it’s a global tourist destination, temperatures can soar as high as 45-47 ºC in summer, making it important to know how to make the most of your trip without being overwhelmed.

What to Expect

The summer in Dubai is especially hot and humid due to its geography, making the days long and exhausting, and the nights almost too hot to handle. From May to August, temperatures average around 40 ºC and humidity is usually over 50%, making any amount of outdoor activities difficult. The combination of high temperatures and humidity can be surprising and even dangerous for those who are not used to it.

September marks the start of the post summer season and temperatures start to decrease to more bearable levels, reaching an average of 35 ºC.

Beat the Heat

The scorching temperatures make it important to drink plenty of fluids, wear light and breathable clothing, and apply plenty of sunscreen. Make sure to buy some cheap sunglasses to protect your eyes from the intense sun and consider the following tips:

  • Take Advantage of the Cooler Hours: During the hotter hours of the day, usually between 12pm and 4pm, try to stay indoors or in shady outdoor locations and wait until the evening or the early hours of the morning to explore!
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink as much water as you can and avoid dehydrating drinks like alcohol and sugary drinks.
  • Seek out Air Conditioning: If you need to be outdoors, look for places with air conditioning and shade like cafes and malls!
  • Invest in a Portable Fan: For those who want to explore the city, a portable fan that you can carry everywhere can come in handy!

Beach Weather

Beaches in Dubai offer some of the best experiences in summer! With the sun, sand and water, you can relax and cool off while also experiencing some of the best locations in the city.

However, due to the strong sun and intense heat, it’s always important to bring enough sunscreen and water and to stay in the shade whenever possible. The beaches are often quite crowded during the week, so it’s best to visit them early Or during the weekends, when they’re more relaxed.

Enjoy Your Trip!

Overall, summer in Dubai is an amazing experience! Make sure to take some time to prepare yourself and to enjoy the unique combination of sun and sand. Just remember to drink lots of water, wear breathable clothes and plenty of sunscreen, and make the most of your trip in the city!

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