Surprising Cool Weather in Dubai: Enjoying a Refreshing Change

What are the main activities that people can enjoy in the UAE during summer and winter?

Here are five outdoor activities for you to experience in the cooler months of the year: Go camping. The UAE has beautiful deserts where you can try stargazing, enjoy a great barbeque, or sit on a dune and watch the setting sun, Enjoy a desert safari, Unwind at the green zones, Get some marine adventure, Scale the heights

Surprising Cool Weather in Dubai: Enjoying a Refreshing Change

The United Arab Emirates is known for its sunny skies and soaring temperatures. But once in a while, when hot summer days give way to surprising spells of cool weather, dubai residents get a welcome respite from the usual heat of the desert country.

Dubai is a city full of surprises, and that definitely holds true with its surprise spells of cool weather. So unlike its usual hot summer days, winter temperatures in Dubai can be as low as 12 degrees Celsius. This lower temperature is mostly attributed to the cooling effects of waters of the nearby gulf, which are especially cool during winter months.

Due to its location in the desert, Dubai experiences a great variation in its winter temperatures. Even so, Dubai is still a great place to visit in the winter, whether it is to escape the snow and frigid temperatures of the north or to take advantage of the pleasant weather in the Middle East.

Benefits Of Cool Weather In Dubai

When the winter temperature drops to around 12 degrees Celsius during winter, it brings with it a refreshing change from the otherwise hot summers. In particular, the cooler weather in Dubai during this time of the year provides the following benefits:

  • An escape from the summer heat – The cooler winter temperatures in Dubai offer a much needed break from the hot, punishing desert heat that most of the UAE battles with during summer months. Enjoy wintertime outdoor activities such as camping, picnicking, and evening strolls with friends and family.
  • Improved air quality – The cooler winter temperature promotes the dispersal of air pollutants, which remains stagnant and causes poor air quality during summer months. Therefore, with the winter temperature at around 12 degrees Celsius, Dubai’s air quality is greatly improved and safe to breathe in.
  • Filled with activities – Winter season in Dubai offers great fun and entertainment. Dig into delicious winter treats such as dates, pistachios and sweet treats. Or take part in the Winter Festival in Dubai that sees people taking part in fun activities and markets.

Enjoying The Dubai Weather

As you can see, the winter season in Dubai comes with its own set of benefits that makes it a great time to enjoy the climate in the country. Therefore, why not plan a trip to Dubai and take advantage of the cooler winter climate for a change of scenery?

During the winter months, there are a number of activities to fill your time in Dubai. Take part in desert safaris and camel rides, explore the hidden gems of Dubai’s shopping districts, or treat yourself and your loved ones to a much-needed spa day. On top of that, delight in the beauty of the city while strolling past historical sites and monuments.

No matter what activities you choose to do, the winter season in Dubai is one of the best times to enjoy the city and its attractions. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Dubai and start the new year with the refreshing change of a winter getaway in the desert.

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