The Future of Dubai’s Climate – How Climate Change Could Impact the City

2. What changes to precipitation levels can be expected in Dubai due to climate change?

The Future of Dubai’s Climate: How Climate Change Could Impact the City

The United Arab Emirates has a unique and diverse climate – from the high temperatures and deep humidity of the desert to the warm, dry air of extreme heat. However, the city of Dubai is facing the potential for more extreme weather conditions in the near future, and here we look at how climate change could affect the city.

Rising Temperatures

Dubai has always been known for its high temperatures, but climate change could push the mercury up even further. As temperatures rise across the globe, this could amplify the already-warm UAE climate, resulting in even higher temperatures and an increased risk of heat-related illnesses.

Increased Humidity

The hot and humid climate of the UAE is already an issue for the country, but climate change could make this even worse. As temperatures increase, there will be more moisture in the air, meaning an uncomfortable increase in humidity.

More Extreme Weather Events

Climate change is expected to cause an increase in precipitation in the UAE as well as an increase in the duration and intensity of storms. This could lead to more extreme weather events, such as flooding, hailstorms and dust storms, which could have a serious impact on the city’s infrastructure.

Reduced Risk of Drought

Though often a concern in the UAE, climate change could actually reduce the risk of drought. As temperatures increase and moisture levels rise, the risk of drought could lessen as more rain is expected to fall on the region.

Longer Summer Period

Thanks to climate change, the summers in Dubai could become even longer. With temperatures already reaching the mid-forties and above during the peak summer months, this could become even more extreme in the near future.


Though the effects of climate change in the UAE may vary, one thing is certain: the future of the climate in Dubai is uncertain. It is important that we take steps to combat climate change, so as to reduce the impact on the city. By taking measures to reduce emissions and promote sustainable development, we can work together to ensure a safer, more comfortable climate for future generations.

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